Other Works

The Caliph’s Gift

Young cleric Matthias Sykes’ life is radically changed by the mysterious Ottoman counselor Sokollu and by the Caliph’s gift, a pair of elegant throwing daggers. A darkly cryptic message engraved on their hilts proves prophetic, and young Matthias is faced with a life-changing choice.

One of the Gundermen tried to trip me as I debarked.

I grabbed his throat and choked him, not letting go even when his eyes went white.

Just as his body started to go slack, I smashed my cane’s head into his face three times, fiercely, for his earlier remark had put me in a dark mood —

Love Triangle in the High Sierras

“Love Triangle in the High Sierras” shows what can happen when a case of infatuation suddenly turns into a gunfight. A mini-drama set in the California cattle wars.

Gorgeously written … the author has done his research. These books are sure to spark curious minds.  

— Kerri Irish, ComfyReader book blog

The Boatman’s Daughter

An Egyptian girl fights amid intrigue and corruption for the completion of the world’s greatest man-made waterway. Richly illustrated edition of a young-adult historical fiction novella.  

A dose of history for lovers of mystery and thrillers. “The Boatman’s Daughter” is an old-fashioned epic adventure story complete with swashbuckling fights, treachery and assassins.  Readers will find revenge and heartbreak, anguish and love, secret identities, brave deeds in the face of overwhelming odds — and a new perspective on one of history’s great tales.