Readers Comments

Tom Durwood is the best English professor I have ever seen in my thirty-two years teaching at Valley Forge Military College … No one spends more time and effort seeking ways to turn students into effective writers than Tom. He has lesson plans that map out new ways to appeal to students and to make writing concrete to their experiences as well as their individual needs.

Pat Murray Ph.d
Valley Forge Military College

Professor Durwood is an outstanding teacher and scholar. He is the embodiment of Valley Forge Military College – dedicated, credentialed, experience – and absolutely true to our Military College Mission “to build leaders of character, for the future, for the community, for the nation, and the world. A gifted teacher.

Academic Dean Michael Krause
Valley Forge Military College

I enjoyed your book on Kid Lit and it fills a gap – I can think of several great intros to children’s literature (notably by Maria Nikolajeva and Roberta Seelinger Trites) but they are not exactly conversational.

I’d love to be in your class and the lesson plans look very fun.

Lynley Stace
Writer and Illustrator (The Artifacts, Midnight Feast)

Tom has a gift for making complex ideas understandable to his cadets. His lesson plans are amazing! He can turn a standard freshman composition class into a forum for collaborative learning and global thinking.

Susan Ray
Ph.d, Arts & Humanities, Delaware County Community College

Tom Durwood expertly breaks down and explains literary theory in an easy-to-understand way. This book makes sense of reading critically and guides students to producing their own explanations of literature.

Christine E. Carlson
English Instructor, Cabrini University

Tom Durwood’s ebook on Kid Lit provides teachers and students with comprehensive information they can really use–definitions and clearly delineated explanations of the tropes of Kid Lit, scholarly essays and interviews that explore these ideas further, and classroom activities and exercises that allow students to relate what they’ve learned to works they’re familiar with and their own lives. Practical for teachers and accessible to a wide-range of students, the book also encourages readers to embark on further study through extensive reading and film lists included in the chapters. This book is an impressive and invaluable resource for any classroom exploration of Kid Lit.

Sarah LaBarge
English Instructor, LaSalle College