Women and Activism in Black Panther

How do women play a key role in the story of Black Panther, and in its afro-futurist themes? Let’s take a look at how the women in the movie were based on real life, and how Black Panther can prompt community action for a better future!

First, check out this article from TIME Magazine

  • In addition to being an inspiration to women of today, what other role do the women depicted in Black Panther fill?
  • Who were likely the inspiration for the Dora Milaje? Describe the training these women received.
  • In Black Panther, who does the king depend on for advice, technology, and security?
  • According to the author, how did colonialism change the gender roles in traditional African societies?
  • What are the four major stereotypes that women, and especially Black women, have to face when they’re portrayed in popular media?
    • Describe each stereotype and give an example from pop culture.
    • Do the women depicted in Black Panther fit into these stereotypes? How do the women in Black Panther defy these stereotypes?

Black Panther didn’t stop at the depiction of women as strong and equal. It also opened up the conversation to shed light on other stereotypes that we see so often inpop culture. Take a look at this article, which examines several different issues that Black Panther raised:

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  • Choose the three topics discussed in this article that you think are the most critical to society today.
    • Why did you choose these three?
    • Where can we see these issues raised and/or addressed in Black Panther?
    • What conflict do we see in Black Panther surrounding these issues?
    • What conflict do we see in the real world nowadays surrounding these issues?
    • What steps can you take in your community to raise awareness/move forward/disband stereotypes surrounding these issues?